Debunking the Galileo Myth

Here is clarification on the myths and absolute misconceptions many Catholics, Anti-Catholics, and many believe about the Galileo Affair.....
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Born at 25 weeks : )

Look at this beautiful small child! As small as he is, the support they need is tremendous, and will be for the next many years of his from his parents especially.  When I look at this picture, I first melt over the beauty and cuteness, the innocence and fragility of this child who is all teeny and so in need of support.  Then it usually follows in my heart to question this... "who is a person to think that a child in a mothers womb is any less dependent on support than a child outside of the womb?" A child is in need of support from the instance of conception.
It is clear to me.....this picture is very related to the war that is happening today....where people can be lead to choose or make a direct choice to have or perform an abortion. Truly, a mother/or her doctor really have no "authority" on determining to abort a child in womb.  Should a fellow person have authority on when it is suitable to terminate your life?   A mother, and of course all doctors nurses etc, have the duty, as given to them, to continue support for this child. He is a person! Pro-abortionists have such a purely distorted view of life! When science backs the beginning of life at conception 100%....yet these radicals still remain persistently mindless, senseless, and ignorant to the reality that to willfully abort a child is no different than assassinating his neighbor. Yet, the defense of "Choice" people choose to lead a distorted life, to live by this Ideology, like Nazi Germany believed, like the institution of slavery in America believed.....that if they can make it "LEGAL" to kill someone, or to 'use' someone as their slave, then there is nothing wrong with it, or that its even "good" to do.  Sadly, the "pro-abortion/pro-choice movement" is no different than Nazi-ism or the institution of slavery.  It is through tough acceptance of what abortion is, that pro-choice people must realize what they defend, the greatest evil of today.  I pray for them to open their eyes and hearts.

How ridiculous the distortion of the pro-choice movement is. How absurd and cowardly those people choose to be and choose to think regardless of the truth.  They live by the crookedness-thinking that 'Government' is what decides what is right and wrong through "legality"! In this case, the law can dictate something so inherently evil, and force its people to accept it as righteous.  So under the Law of the US right now, there is a legality that grants one to terminate the very life growing in a mothers womb.  Its insane!

May God have mercy on this evil President, who fervently defends a woman's right to murder her own defenseless innocent child in womb...and for his support of so many other intrinsically evil "perversions" to be made legal.