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on the tragedy of gay adoption, gay marriage, and IVF/egg sperm donors....

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. According to this moral maxim, because I would never not want to know and be raised by both my biological parents I can not approve of other people being denied their right to a mommy and a daddy. 
Why has the Left seemingly abandoned this principle? Isn't it universal? Afterall 100% of all people have had one mommy and one daddy. Yes, including 100% of all gay men and women in the world.
PS About gay adoption: Well why if you could choose between 2 sets of equally capable parents one two men and one one man and one women why would you rather choose two men? It doesn't make sense to me from a fairness perspective. Adoption agencies try to match kids' background to their adoptive parents so a native american child will go to a native american couple first. So because every child is the result of a man and women coming together wouldn't you want to place them as close to their background as possible? ie mom and dad? Also because 98% of kids grow up to be straight and those raised by gay parents are like maybe 90-95% likely to be straight wouldn't you want for fairness and for basic justice to put them with a couple to whom they will be most likely to relate? and on whom they can most easily model their behaviour? This has nothing to do with any religious convictions just basic reasoning, or am I missing something?
Anyway great article and yes, look at even what Elton John said last week, that his adoptive boy will be crushed to find out he doesn't have a mum. Of course the truth is that he does, but she's just decided to have nothing to do with him, short of giving him half his genes via an egg, but look if I found out that I actually had a mum but was denied her by her and my dad and my so-called adoptive other dad I think I'd have a mental breakdown. I would be crushed and emotionally I think I'd be devastated. Maybe that's just be but I suspect it isn't.
Maybe our society is going too far to make a group of people feel welcome that I suspect will never feel welcome enough.

and another awesome one

"Most people approve of gay couples adopting. I am one of these people. ,,, Being raised by one’s biological parents is not only ideal according to social science research, but according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, it is a human right. My biggest fear is that the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples will strip children of the right to be raised by their natural parents, because law and culture will demand that we celebrate all the means by which same-sex couples become parents."
If "being raised by one's biological parents is not only ideal" but is also "a human right," then being raised by a mother and a father is also "ideal" and "a human right." If Alana Newman's biggest fear is that "children will be stripped of their "right to be raised by their natural parents," how is it that she approves of gay couples adopting, which not only leaves the child without either a mother or a father, but also forces the child into the unnatural home environment created by two adults of the same sex sleeping together. It is not like children don't figure out what that means.
We won't really know until a generation of children have been raised that way what the most common psychological impact an unnatural home environment has on children. It is hard to imagine how that most common psychological impact will be anything but negative. Our willingness to use them like millions of guinea pigs in a huge social experiment is indicative of the loss of respect for children that is so rampant in our culture.
Acceptance of same-sex adoption and the disrespect for children inherent in it should not surprise us. After all, another blatant indication of our dramatic loss of respect for children is late abortions. According to the Guttmacher Institute, in the United States, 1.5% of abortions are at 21 weeks or after. There have been well over 50 million abortions in the U.S. since Roe. That is at least 750,000 late 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions where children clearly recognizable as just that were murdered. Taking innocent human life at any stage of its development is gravely wrong, but you can show even a small child a picture of an unborn child at 21 weeks or later and they will know it is a baby. So should we. Or maybe we know that all too well and the problem is that we just don't respect children anymore.