Our Garden Plot Is Getting Some Loving Care....

As you drive up through Wilton on Danbury rd (rt 7), you discover some open fields to your left past Wilton High School and its football field. It is known as Allen's Meadows Park, a Park with a driveway that leads past some beautifully pruned soccer fields cushioned around towering forests and hills. Tucked behind these fields busy with soccer, lacrosse and baseball matches are the Community Gardens of Wilton Town. 
It is here where we bought a small 18' by 18' plot to begin our vegetable/fruit garden for our family. We rented a tiller up the road and spent a good two hours turning the soil, and digging up dead roots to prepare what we hope to be, a successful planting for the years ahead.

Our neighbors (picture below) have been here for some years and illustrate the challenge of gardening: Weed control, early spring greenhouses to support first sprouts, enclosures to house composting material, complex watering systems to foster abundance in plant care, raised beds, and of course an array of plants that are grown for the very purpose of controlling pests, rather than using harmful chemical pesticides.

Our five children cam along and each naturally went to a part of the garden to help. They pulled weeds, dead roots, dug into the soil, planted their sprouts, and laid the beds with the help of 'Dada'.

Below is a picture of Pilar, our 3 year old who planted her very first spouts like an expert. Children adapt so easily and naturally to learning.
Below, my 3 month old Xavier sits quietly, peacefully enjoying the surroundings in his car seat, while I work on some of the beds.

We hope you enjoy the pictures, and hope your summer is as plant filled and work filled as ours!!

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